Conservation Coffee

Bird Friendly

Our organic coffee is certified by USDA-NOP standards and is also certified as a Bird Friendly Coffee by the Smithsonian Migratory Birds Center.

Environmental Restoration

Importantly, the income of our sales is reinvested in the labor-intensive task of restoring the habitat of our farm to more closely resemble its original forest cover. The principal challenges include getting rid of invasive plants and reforesting with native and endemic trees. As a result, the landscape of our farmland has transformed from the impenetrable tangle of weeds to a green haven occupied by hundreds of Darwin’s finches swarming around a canopy of scalesias that provide shade to the coffee plants. Many other species of local birds, insects and plants live in harmony with the coffee.

Setting an Example

In restoring our own farm, we are able to provide seedlings of rare and endangered native plants and coffee plants to other farmers who choose to join us in the effort to restore abandoned land back to a healthy Galapagos ecosystem where native species thrive. We see every new farmer committed to this vision as a conservation ally.