Our Farm

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Maria Elena Guerra and Scott Henderson – two long-time Galápagos conservation workers. In 2003, we bought a disused plot of land in the highlands of Santa Cruz. The land, from a previous incarnation as a farm, had been stripped of most of its large native trees, and the rest of the native plants were overrun by invasive species. Our goal was to restore the original native Galápagos vegetation to the property.

Clearing the dense tangle of weeds proved a monumental task. It demanded large amounts of work and resources over a long period of time. But it gradually began to pay off. Native species began to flourish. Finding several hundred abandoned coffee trees lying under the unwanted vegetation was an unexpected stroke of luck. We decided to keep the trees and learn how to produce good roasted coffee. Our commitment to the native Galapagos ecosystem led us to choose conservation-oriented agricultural practices which benefit both the coffee and the local flora.

Today we live on our farm full time. We raise coffee, bananas, avocados, pineapple, and many other fruits and vegetables. We process all of our coffee on our own premises. We invite you to come for a tour!